A Happy Mother’s Day to all our loving mothers.


In these times we wonder where Heaven is?
Surely it lies beneath the feet of our mothers.

What can you do to bring a smile to their faces?
To do just that we bring to you our premium range of Rabab Rugs.

This mother’s day, surprise your loving mom with a brand new rug!
Our rugs are made of 100% pure and soft materials like wool, silk, cotton, and viscose.
These materials ensure a soft, smooth, and plush rug!

We use the best quality and hand-dyed yarns to give our rugs a warm and welcoming look that completely enhances your floors.
Our range consists of quality hand-tufted rugs, which are made with love in Mother India.

Rabab Rugs require low maintenance and are quite easy to clean.
Vacuum it once a week to keep it clean and debris-free.
Stains can be removed by using a quality rug stain remover and a brush.
Our rugs have an anti-slip feature that will protect your loved ones and also protect your flooring.

So what are you waiting for? Gift her a Rabab Rug today to rest her feet on!

And A Happy Mother’s Day to all our loving mothers.

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